Apr 292014

Hi all, it has been a while and we are finally approaching rough cut stage of the feature doc. There is a pile of vision to go through after 3 years filming and my main man editor Axel, the Swedish Chef, Grigor has been hard on the editing tools on one suite , whilst I’ve ben sifting thru a mountain of material on a second editing system. We are not there yet but there IS light at the end of the tunnel. The doco will be released the second half of 2014. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned.

Regards Toddy and The Frackman crew

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May 312013

Got great news last week. Screen Australia has approved funding for our documentary via it’s Special Documentary Funding Initiative. This follows approval of investment by two of the state agencies ie Screen QLD and ScreenWest. Hopscotch will be the cinema distributor in Australia and New Zealand and Getup! is our online partner. Very exciting times and the hard work is now in front us. Thanks to everyone who has stuck by us in the past two and a half years as we have struggled thru the financing stages.

There are a couple of micro documentaries on line that I have put together and Getup! have put on line. Enjoy.

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CSG Industry in Trouble

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Apr 042013

What a difference a week makes. Metgasco have pulled out of the North Coast, shares have plummeted to 6c, Dart Energy announced that they are pulling out of NSW, yet say they still want partners for Fullerton Cove…that sounds smart?????, their shares are down to 4cents, the NSW government announced no more drilling within 2KS of residential areas and parts of the Hunter Valley, Barnett is on shaky ground with his James Price Point plan in WA- he’s the only one that still thinks it is a good idea. The US wants to export Gas to our buyers, the Chinese in the Australian today said that Australia is a hard place to do business when it comes to energy…sorry about that but we give a shit about the water, our land and the environment. Anyway cracks are forming big time but the battle has just begun cause the shale gas boys are about to hit town , so stay vigilant everyone. This is the asbestos of 2013, I reckon.


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Australian Coal Seam Gas Documentary- The Frackman

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Nov 212011

We began filming this documentary at the beginning of 2011 and we have been capturing time critical highlights of the story, which  has already taken us across three states. Beginning in Margaret River in WA I soon realised that the bigger issue was occuring in QLD, particularly in the Tara-Chinchilla region and in NSW, across the state. The story is being told through the eyes of Dayne The Frackman Pratzky. We have also been following sub plot character stories with Drew Hutton, Jeremy Buckingham, Dr Marian LLoyd Smith, Bob Irwin, Barnaby Joyce and  I also   filmed Alan Jones at a community gathering in Bowral and in Brisbane.

Screenwest. ScreenQLD  and Screen Australia have invested in the documentary at Research and development phase and we are at the final phase of production financing. The main filming should occur in and around July/August 2013. We expect the editing to occur towards the end of the year. Hopscotch has come on as the cinema distributor for Australia and New Zealand and we will be represented by Cargo Entertainment internationally. We plan to cut a documentary hour for TV and a feature length documentary for the cinema  and for the international film festival circuit .We also feel very fortunate to have Getup! on board as our online partner. 4 micro docs have been produced compliments of a digital fund which both Screen West and Getup invested in. They will be released on and You can opt in to receive information about the micro docs and the feature length documentary. It’s a fascinating tale and gaining momentum by the day and seems to be shaping up to be the biggest environmental debate of the decade.

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